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Evolv's Personal CFO Solution

Serve your clients as a true fiduciary and single point of contact with the Evolv platform’s deep bench of solutions offered independently and objectively.

When you join Evolv, you’ll have access to the same solutions you do at the bank, but they are built in an open architecture framework to ensure you can always find the best solution for your client. Beyond those base services, the Evolv platform adds a multitude of solutions not available at the wirehouses and captive firms, allowing you to create the true family-office for your clients.

The Complete Integrated Advisor

A Team of Experts Built Around You



Leverage the Evolv brand and marketing for speed to market and attraction of higher net-worth clients.



Evolv provides a fully integrated tech stack, giving you the tools to become a Personal CFO and manage your business effectively and efficiently.



Evolv has partnerships in place with key execution experts (real estate agents, lenders, attorneys, CPAs, nationwide car buying service, and many many more.)



Evolv’s CIO and investment team have created portfolio models designed specifically for Personal CFO solution clients.


Evolv’s staffing solutions partner can help you expand when and if needed.

Additional Resources

Evolv’s real estate team can help you secure the perfect office space for your business whether it’s a lease or a purchase. If you decide to purchase an office space, the Evolv team will show you exactly how to do it for maximum value creation and tax efficiency.

Evolv’s M&A team can help you source, negotiate, and finance the purchase of other books of businesses, if you are interested in pursuing inorganic growth. Evolv’s proven transition process ensures you move the new clients to your control quickly and effectively.

Evolv Your Book into a Business

The Evolv platform differs from the restrictive wirehouses, big bank, and captive models of the past because it’s designed to work for you, while also setting you up for the highest future exit possible.

Break Free of Restrictions
Build Enterprise Value
Take Control of Your Profits

Eliminate the bureaucracy and red tape that wastes so much of your time. Spend it where it matters most: working with current clients and finding new ones.

  • Let the Evolv team handle time- consuming operational tasks.
  • Leave the research, trading, reconciling, and reporting to our investment team.
  • Feel confident in a compliance team that will ensure you are protected without slowing you down.
Back & Mid-Office Administration
Trading & Reporting
Compliance Oversight
Key Partnerships

Experience the benefits of a powerful, tailored platform designed for financial advisors.

Schedule your discovery call with Evolv Family Wealth now and unlock the door to exceptional resources, growth opportunities, and a thriving future.

Use our helpful Personal CFO Guide to find out how breaking away could set you free.

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